Underfloor Heating Pipe

Need a lorry-load of your own-brand underfloor heating pipe?

  • low cost
  • fast turnaround
  • delivered to your warehouse within 3 weeks

PPSL is the exclusive U.K. distributor of high quality underfloor heating pipe systems manufactured only in mainland Europe.

Our offering is focussed solely on high volume users who wish to install or distribute own-brand products.

The product is made to order to your specific identification/marking requirements, and manufactured to ISO 10508 and ISO 13760 standards. All products are produced under strict quality control certified under ISO 9001:2000.

Coil sizes range from 120 metres to 600 metres with a maximum load size of 94,000 metres per delivery (minimum 88,000 metres).

We supply two grades of underfloor heating pipe:

DOUBLEPEX™ PE-Xb EVOH Underfloor Heating Pipe

Doublepex pipe with oxygen barrier is manufactured with Cross linked Polyethylene, type B. The cross linkage is achieved by peroxide method. This pipe has an oxygen barrier made of a thin pellicle of ethyl-vinyl alcohol extruded in the outer surface of the pipe during the fabrication process. N.B. unlike pure polyethylene PE-X is not a fully recyclable material.

This product is suitable for potable water installations.

This pipe is available in 16mm and 20mm diameter. Available in coil lengths from 60 to 500m.

DOUBLELEX™ PE-RT EVOH Underfloor Heating Pipe

Doublelex pipes are produced using high quality Dowlex 2388, an interpolymer developed by DOW Chemical Company for hydraulic pipe production. Combining traditional polyethylene properties with advanced production technology creates this high performance material – PE-RT (Polyethylene – Raised Temperature)

Advantages over other materials:

  • High flexibility without the need to crosslink
  • Excellent long-term stability under pressure and high & low temperature
  • Ecological – recyclable meeting the increasing needs of environmentally-conscious clients
  • Lower cost production resulting in competitive prices

This pipe is available in 16mm, 17mm and 20mm diameter.

EVOH Oxygen Barrier

The oxygen barrier is a thin ethylene vinyl and alcohol copolymer resin membrane. This resin has excellent gas, odour and flavour barrier characteristics as well as high chemical resistance to solvents, vegetable oils and petroleum derivatives.

In closed water circuit applications, i.e. in heating (or cooling) installations, temperature increase forces inter-molecular voids to expand and gradually become larger than oxygen molecules, so allowing oxygen to potentially penetrate the pipe, thus oxygenating the water within; consequently metallic components within a system will oxidise, reducing their service life and performance, possibly creating complete blockages and system failure.

The Oxygen Barrier (EVOH) prevents oxygen penetration so ensuring extended service life of the installed system.

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